FBK Markets Ultra Execution Speed

99% of our trades are executed in less than 0.9 seconds, this makes FBK Markets the best brokerage firm with Ultra-high Execution speed.

- Ultra-Execution Speed of 0.9 seconds
- No Re-quotes
- No Virtual Dealer Plugin

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest execution speed in history and we have 0 records of Re-quotes and order rejections. We aim to maintain our FBK Markets Ultra Execution Speed


Even under heavy trading conditions like news releases, As FBK Markets we still ensure our clients experience less slippages. However, slippages are controlled by our third-party service provider (liquidity) and FBK Markets cannot be held liable for any slippage occurrence.

Order Execution

Our trading platform is flexible and supports the following:
- Market orders
- Limit orders
- Stop orders
- Trailing stop orders
You can open trades at any time during our trading hours freely without having to worry about anything, our Ultra-low spread allows you to enjoy flexible trading with all kinds of orders we offer. We get our pricing in real-time directly from the liquidity service provider in real-time and offer them to you in real time! We allow you up to 100.0 lots (100 million) per order and you can have up to 300 orders executed individually